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Car Videos to Brighten Your Weekend: The Super Cars are Super Edition

Car Videos to Brighten Your Weekend: The Super Cars are Super Edition

Videos this week all feature various super cars doing all sorts of fun stuff. 

Here is a wonderful video from the Nürburgring. Many things make this video super. First, there is the sound. I don't know what kind of camera and microphone this driver is using, but it is great. It picks up everything with great clarity. Second, there is the Lamborghini driver ahead of the driver. It is great to see a guy with a very expensive car like that willing to fling it around the track. He could probably be going faster, but I bet he is still having a lot of fun. Finally, you have to give credit to the driver who is in a BMW Z3 M Coupe. I do not know if or how this car has been modified, but he does a great job keeping up with cars that should theoretically be significantly faster than him. This video was found on Bridge to Gantry, a blog focusing on the Nürburgring.

Next, how about some drag racing? This video shows two, one mile drag races. The first shows a Mercedes McLaren SLR and a tuned Nissan GT-R. The second is the same SLR and an Aston Martin DBS. The audio is again great in this one. 

Here is Fernando Alonso in a Ferrari 458 Spyder. He doesn't really start caning the car until the middle of the video, but the audio is good; just wish he had pushed a little more. 

The Pagani Huarya is among the elite super cars now. I do not know if I am on board with its insectoid look, but it is impossible to deny the impressiveness of this car's speed and technology. 

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