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2014-02-06 12:43:24

C4 Cactus revolutionizes Citroën's design

Model will be officially unveiled in March at the Geneva Motor Show

The air bumpers are biggest innovation feature of the new C-Cactus

CitroënCitroënCitroënFrance, 1919 > present94 models
5546 photos
11 videos
is once again revolutionizing the standards of design with the unveiling of the new model C4 CactusC4 CactusCitroën C4 CactusFrance, 2014 > 201441 versions
53 photos
, the first renewal of the C-line. The air bumpers is the major feature of the new vehicle that wants to make a statement in the C-segment through low weight and low ownership cost.

The compact SUV features a design that aims to combine the most popular lines in the current vehicles in this segment with more avantgarde elements, stepping away from the mainstream vehicles. This is indeed a strategy for the new Citroën C-line, cheaper models than the DS line, but still more expensive than most rival models. The highlight of design innovation clearly comes with the air bumper on the doors, developed to protect against hazards in city traffic.

The interior of the C4 Cactus is equally radical. It has a control panel that was placed further back and simplified. With only 12 buttons the panel has a functional but stylish appearance simultaneously.  No rev counter was included, there is no center console and the automatic version doesn't have a gear lever. Furthermore, there is no asymmetric division the rear seats .

The highlight of engineering in C4 Cactus was the achieved weight reduction. The initial weight of the car is 980kg, a number 60kg lighter than the Ford FiestaFiesta Gen.6Ford Fiesta Gen.6United States of America, 2008 > 2017210 versions
299 photos
. Weight reduction has also been achieved in the engines.

C4 Cactus will be available with the engines 81hp 1.0 VTi three-cylinder turbo, the THP 108hp, the eHDI 91hp and the 99hp BlueHDI. The latter emits 82g/km of CO2. While none of these engines is extremely potent, according to Citroën the power-to-weight ratio will enable an acceptable performance. The model will be available with manual and automatic transmission.

The new Citroën model is based on the PSA' platform 1, the same used in the Citroën C3C3 Gen.2Citroën C3 Gen.2France, 2009 > 2016116 versions
166 photos
and the Peugeot 208208 Gen.1Peugeot 208 Gen.1France, 2012 > present109 versions
198 photos
3 videos
and despite being smaller than much of its rivals there is a huge difference in weight. For example it is 215kg lighter than the Ford Focus Ecoboost and 150kg lighter than the GolfVolkswagen Golf Gen.7 [VII]Volkswagen Volkswagen Golf Gen.7 [VII]Germany, 2012 > present446 versions
504 photos
1.2 three cylinders. This was achieved thanks to the use of high-strength steel and with the aluminum hood, besides the one-piece rear seat and also the absence of electric motors for the rear windows.

The C4 Cactus will work as the basis for future models of the Citroën C-line, however according to the responsibles of the French brand this will be the most radical of these vehicles. This revamped model lineup will be the solid foundation of the brand sales. Despite the great success of the DS line, the truth is that these models represent only one-fifth of Citroën's sales.

The C4 Cactus will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and should be on sale later this year.





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