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BMW Builds 2 Series That Can Drift By Itself for CES

The same technology lets the i3 park itself

The system can adapt to changing levels of grip and adjust accordingly

For CES, BMWBMWBMWGermany, 1918 > present87 models
8644 photos
43 videos
is showing off its future autonomous driving technology in dramatic fashion with a 2 SeriesFamilia Rotary SSMazda Familia Rotary SSJapan, 1968 > present4 photos
that can drift all by itself. A more useful version of the technology is the automatic parking feature that will be available in the i3 when it goes on sale. It is also showing a prototype smart watch made with Samsung that can control the i3i3BMW i3Germany, 2011 > present13 versions
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The self-driving 2 Series can drive itself around a track at its dynamic limit. The car’s systems can control the accelerating, braking and steering. It can even react to understeer or oversteer whenever it occurs with steering and braking inputs. It also monitors the road service and can adapt to varying amounts of grip.

BMW says that the technology used for the system is available now and uses the same sensors that come standard on most BMW models. The technology is not far away from becoming a reality on production vehicles.

The next step is shown in BMW’s Emergency Stop Assistant research project that can detect whether has been incapacitated and automatically pull the car to the side of the road and call emergency rescuers.

While we may never have self driving racecars like the 2 Series, the same wide-angle camera and ultrasonic technology in the new Parking Assistant. It can automatically switch between forward and reverse to park the car completely by itself. All the driver has to do is hold down a button.

BMW also partnered with Samsung to create a smart watch to control the i3. The device is worn like a watch but displays information about the car’s functions like battery charge, remaining range navigation and whether the windows, doors and sunroof are closed. The same data is already available in the i3’s smartphone app, but this watch gives the owner constant access.

2 Series2 Series

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