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autoviva2012-11-23 12:19:09

Advice: Driving in foggy situations

Here are some tips on how to behave when there is fog on the road

For some people fog can be one of the scariest things to drive in, especially if you're unfamiliar with it. This dense "cloud bank" that rests on the ground may remind you of Avalon and the Knights of King Arthur legends but if you are caught in it, it may become an evil trap.

Not being able to see exactly where you're going may expose you and other drivers to dangerous situations, that taken to the extreme can end up in tragedy. Precaution and visibility are the main words when you're driving in foggy conditions.

But as for every driving situation there are some advices that can help you ensure your safety in these kind of meteorological condition. Autoviva has gather some tips to guide you through the mist. Hope that they will be useful to you.

Clean your windscreen

When driving in foggy conditions it's all about visibility. Before even thinking of setting off, you should always clean your windows and windscreen and also ensure that all your lights are working properly.

Turn on proper lights

As soon as you’re ready to leave, you should switch on the adequate headlights. Use front and rear fog lights if visibility is less than 100 metres, but don’t forget to switch them off when visibility improves. Remember that leaving fog lights on when headlights would be enough is an offence.

Use windscreen wipers

To help improving visibility you should use your windscreen wipers on an intermittent setting to clear moisture. The result might not be a perfect one, but it will certainly give you a hand on a foggy situation.

Heat/Air conditioning on

Inside the car you also have allies that can help you improve the visibility. Switch the heater or air conditioning on and leave it running to keep the inside of the glass clear.

Safety distance

Slow down and keep enough distance between yourself and the vehicle in front - make sure you can stop safely within the distance you can see clearly.

Fog intensity

Don't forget that fog is a result of nature forces so it's always changing. Fog is not the same density all the time and it might change along the way. In case it gets thicker, you should slow down to increase safety.

Brake earlier

Not only you will have problems with visibility in foggy days so to keep yourself safe from rear hits you should brake gently but earlier than usual so your brake lights warn drivers behind.

Attention to other drivers

You can take your own measures to drive safely in foggy condityions but your never know how other people will behave. Be aware that other vehicles may be travelling without their lights on, so extra care and attention is needed. At junctions, wind the window down and listen for traffic.

Take regular breaks

As you try to follow the road through thick fog and to discover the end of this excruciating pain of not knowing when and where will that suffering last you will definitely get tired. So if it goes on for miles and miles you should make several brakes along the way.

High-viz clothing

With poor visibility other drivers may not see you properly if you need to get out of the car. So you should always wear clothes with vibrant colors that can be seen even in foggy situations.





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